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Back in 1988, I got my hands on Pursue the Pennant (PtP), and Tabletop Baseball Games have never been the same. At the time, this was by far the most in depth and statistically accurate game available. If realism and strategy is what you are looking for in a baseball board game, this is the game for you. Unfortunately, PtP went out of production around 1994. This may have turned out be a blessing in disguise. With no where to turn, some hard core fans got together and began developing there own player cards and optimizing the game system, which resulted in the Internet Baseball League (IBL). Some time after PtP went out of business, the original game designer (Design Depot) re-developed PtP into a new game called Dynasty League Baseball.

Pursue The Pennant Baseball Game

PtP would be considered an advanced level baseball game which involves a detailed game system. The result is a realistic baseball board game. In general, what works on a baseball diamond works in PtP. The game include individual pitcher and batter cards for an entire baseball season. A full 9-inning game takes about 45 minutes to an hour to play. The game can be played head-to-head or solitaire. However, due to the in-depth nature of the games, solitaire play is not all that fun.

Pursue The Pennant Baseball Boardgame

The only fault one can really have with this game is the game time. There are so many charts and rules, which take a little of the excitement away and result in a longer game times than most other baseball board games.

Overall, PtP is realistic and fun to play. This is a great game to recommend to hardcore baseball gamers.