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Avalon Hill Statis Pro Baseball Game Welcome to Tabletop Baseball Games. Here you will find information about several of the more popular Tabletop Baseball Games (Baseball Board Games), with an emphasis on the various Avalon Hill Baseball games such as Statis Pro Baseball and Superstar! Baseball. While the popular Statis Pro Baseball game is no longer in production, new updated Statis Pro Baseball player cards are available through this website. Several resources have been made available for the entire line of Avalon Hill / Sports Illustrated baseball games as well as favorites such as Pursue the Pennant, Strat-O-Matic and APBA Baseball.

Please contact us if you can contribute information about a baseball game that is not listed on this site. Our email address is shown on the top banner.

Website News:
23 Jul 2012 - Free Statis Pro Baseball Cards, the 2011 season is now available.    NEW! 
26 Apr 2010 - Free Statis Pro Baseball Cards, the 2009 baseball season now available.
11 Nov 2009 - Added "Throwback Baseball 1.0" and website updated.
28 Jan 2009 - Added "Dice Baseball" and "851 Baseball".
20 Oct 2007 - Website updated. Social bookmarking added. Broken links fixed.
17 Apr 2007 - Website moved from Geocities to it's own domain:
15 Apr 2007 - Website given another face lift and updated.
23 May 2005 - Website given a major face lift and updated.
01 Apr 2004 - Tabletop Baseball Games website started on Geocities