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APBA baseball was first released in 1951, which makes it the longest running active baseball game on the market. This game seems to have the most and largest gaming leagues, following and groups on the internet. There are numerous editions of APBA Baseball, the latest called 66! Baseball. As well, there is the basic (professional) game and the Master Rules edition. The "Basic Game" is suitable for beginners, but is just that, a basic game which in my mind ranks at the bottom of the list as far as baseball games go that provide individual player cards. More experienced baseball gamers should go for the APBA "Master Game", which has some additional ratings for players, but not a right/left breakdown.

APBA Pro Baseball Board Game

APBA Baseball is also available as a computer game. It plays well but to me it offers very little over the free SBS computer baseball game.

APBA Baseball Cards