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The roots of Throwback Baseball 1.0 reach back to 1969 when the game was first played in its most basic form. The game was updated through the early 70's, but then it lay dormant until it was re-discovered in 2008. At that time, it was modified slightly by updating some of the rules and adjusting the player rating index to better mirror professional baseball in the 21st century. The game was also altered to permit both internet sales and e-mail delivery of the product worldwide by its creator and owner, Aberdeen Trading Co.

Despite the modernization, Throwback Baseball 1.0 still plays much as it did in its original form from the late 60's. It's a dice-based baseball board game in the traditional sense and is an excellent introductory game for kids as young as about 7. The game requires 3 standard six-sided dice and game-play is driven by rolling those dice and comparing the resulting numbers with a pre-determined key card comprised of baseball plays (home run, fly out, strike out, double, and so on). Generally, one roll of the dice equals one at-bat.

When delivered by email in a zipped file, all of the necessary game elements are provided except for the dice. Provided is the playing field, rules of the game, the above-mentioned key cards, steal cards, blank lineup/score sheets, blank player cards, the player rating index to help you fill-out your player cards, and a simulated game lineup to help you get started right away.

Throwback Baseball Board Game

Throwback Baseball 1.0 Board Game

To begin play, you simply select two pro (or fantasy) teams and act as manager by writing the line-ups on the provided lineup/score sheet. Fill out a player card for each batter/pitcher in the lineup, place the pitcher card on the mound, the batter card at the plate, roll the dice, read the key card, and away you go. To add sophistication, use our exclusive player rating index to determine the quality of your team's respective pitchers and hitters and write those numbers on the player cards in use. Before each at-bat (roll of the dice), compare the pitcher rating number to the batter rating number, select the corresponding key card, roll the dice, and enjoy the game. The key cards provide complete information on the result of each at-bat, runner advance, scoring and so on. You can also pinch-hit and change pitchers just like a big league manager does.

The blank player cards permit gamers to use pro players from any era in baseball history, and, unlike some games, allow you to use the current season's players as well. Also, you never have to re-order anything in the future. By saving the file on your computer, you have an unlimited supply of player cards, score sheets, etc. It's a game that really will last a lifetime.

For more information on the Throwback Baseball 1.0 game and to see a "how to play" video, visit the Aberdeen Trading Co. website.